My Sling Bag Video Production Kit


In January I purchased a Panasonic GH4 as my primary camera for shooting both stills and video after doing my research and shooting with a variety of full-frame, APS-C, and MFT (Micro Four Thirds) cameras. I decided that the full-frame lenses and cameras are simply too heavy for a lightweight kit. … [Read more...]

The Hatchback Production Kit


I recently conducted a workshop titled “The Hatchback Production Kit” at the Camera Company Pro Video Show in Dedham, Massachusetts. During the workshop I promised to post an inventory of the items I discussed in the workshop. I described the kit I’ve assembled for shooting formal interviews. I … [Read more...]

Sound for documentary, Part 1: Eight fundamental concepts


Between widespread access to affordable camcorders and the rising ubiquity of mobile phones with good video cameras, along with the ascendancy of YouTube as a major media diffusion platform, it’s never been easier to produce and share documentary videos. Across the board, however, sound is the … [Read more...]

Long lasting power pack for the M-Audio Microtrack (and other USB powered devices too)

Kensington Portable Power Pack

The original Microtrack 24/96 and the current Microtrack II from M-Audio are nice little audio recorders, I like having a small recorder in my backpack ready for anything. I love the fact it has balanced TRS inputs so I can use it with my professional microphones, as well as 1/8" mini-jack inputs … [Read more...]

Beyerdynamic velour pads: new life for Sony MDR-7506 or V6 headphones

Sony MDR7506

For many years I've been using two pairs of Sony MDR-7506 headphones (one lives in my camera kit and the second lives in my sound kit) and the original plastic ear pads had started to fall apart. These are outstanding headphones for monitoring audio, however, the pads are their achilles heel. … [Read more...]