Olloclip expands iPhone field of view


There’s a wide variety of aftermarket lenses available for the iPhone 4/4S/5, however, so far, the best design I’ve come across is the olloclip available for the iPhone 4/4S/5. The olloclip has become an essential element in my bag of iPhone accessories expanding the field of view of the iPhone lens whenever I need a wider, or closer, perspective on the world.

Digital imaging throws documentary into ontological crisis


Scholars have long discussed the ambiguity and subjectivity inherent in photographic representation with its seductive verisimilitude. Bill Mitchell’s The Reconfigured Eye: Visual Truth in the Post-Photographic Era (The MIT Press, 1992), the first book-length critical analysis of the digital imaging revolution, can easily be read with the addition of some interpretive and translative filtration as […]

Artist Encampment Photos

These are the photos from the recent artist encampment on Bumpkin Island (a Flickr slide show). The Berwick Research Institute joined with the Island Alliance and Studio Soto to present the 2nd Annual Artist Encampment, a "homesteading" experience on Bumpkin Island, Boston Harbor Islands, on Labor Day weekend, August 28-September 1, 2008. Ten artists and […]

Shadow of the House is a rare and beautiful gem

Abelardo Morell and Allie Humenuk

This weekend at the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival I has the pleasure of seeing Shadow of the House, an intimate documentary by Allie Humenuk that presents a portrait of photographer Abelardo Morell. The film shows his process and daily life behind the work without interpreting it for you, presenting no experts telling you about the […]

One from the vaults


In a recent search for other images I came across this. Tom Heitman, director of preservation and restoration at Cineric, Inc., showed me this can on a visit to the facility on May 20, 2002. This film has sections of cellulose triacetate film spliced with sections of nitrate film, both unstable materials in their own […]