The Hatchback Production Kit


I recently conducted a workshop titled “The Hatchback Production Kit” at the Camera Company Pro Video Show in Dedham, Massachusetts. During the workshop I promised to post an inventory of the items I discussed in workshop. In the workshop I described the kit I’ve assembled for shooting formal interviews. I prefer shooting hand-held and travelling with a single camera bag, however, sometimes I need more gear to achieve specific results.

The Invaluable Guide to the AG-HVX200

I recently came across “The Invaluable Guide to the AG-HVX200,” a delightful document from Panasonic that provides a detailed description of the features and capabilities of the AG-HVX200 prosumer HD camcorder in a format that’s easy to read like a brochure, but with plenty of substance and details you’d expect from a well-written technical overview, […]

To P2 or not P2, that is the question…

Panasonic P2 Card

I discuss Panasonic’s P2 technology and workflow in Part 2 of my article about the Panasonic AG-HVX200 camera that appears in the most recent issue of New England Film. As part of my research for the article I put together a music video shoot using P2 workflow and spoke with several filmmakers about their experience […]

First Look: Panasonic AG-HVX200 DVCPro HD Camcorder

I wrote a detailed report of my first experiences with the HVX200 camcorder titled “First Look: Panasonic AG-HVX200 DVCPro HD Camcorder, Part 1” (a more orderly and polished version of my previous posts on the camera) for NEFilm this month, check it out. Some notes from my experience with the camera are captured in two […]