Principles of Interaction Design for Interactive Documentary Makers

Joost Interface

Content production methodologies are converging with the strategies and tactics of interaction design. The latest mobile phones and tablets provide a wonderful platform for delivering intimate interactive documentary experiences. Where can media makers turn for a quick course on interaction design … [Read more...]

provocative.objects: the extradition (Fri., Nov. 12, 2010)


You are cordially invited to attend provocative.objects: the extradition, a cybersurreal exhibition + event on Friday, November 12th at MassArt in the Patricia Doran Gallery. The event is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. and end around 10 p.m., after which we'll gather at a local watering … [Read more...]

Metropath(ologies): ecstasy of communication or ambivalence of information?

Characterizing Dziga Vertov

Judith Donath recently spoke at MassArt. In anticipation of her talk I went to see the Connections exhibition of works by Donath and her Sociable Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. I was particularly taken by Metropath(ologies), an immersive installation that is at once beguiling and enchanting. The … [Read more...]

New Media Expo 2008 Discussion

To wrap up New Media Expo 2008, I sat down with Steve Woolf (Epic Fu), Zadi Diaz (Epic Fu), Steve Garfield (, and Walt Ribeiro (Ustream.TV), here's the unedited conversation. Recorded on Saturday, August 16, 2008. We discussed topics such as what was best about the show, issues as … [Read more...]

New Technology Presentation at Rio International Film Festival

On Thursday, September 28th I moderated a Rioseminars Panel at Festival do Rio 2006 (Rio International Film Festival) titled "New Technologies / Digital Market" with Irina Neves (COO, Cine Mobile), Fabio Lima (COO, Rain Network), and Martha Cavalheiro (Marketing Vice President, Latin America, 20th … [Read more...]