A framework for thinking about cyberspace


Daniel Downes suggests in Interactive Realism: The Poetics Of Cyberspace (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2005) that it is people who construct social reality through their interactions, critiquing the “transformative turn” in media studies. Distinguishing clearly between the Internet (a … [Read more...]

Four books covering Internet and Web

Weaving the Web

If I had to pick four relatively current books that will help readers develop a better understanding of the World Wide Web, I would suggest the following books. It was hard to narrow down the list to four, but sometimes less is more. This particular list stems from a recent conversation with Lance … [Read more...]

Distribution in the Digital Age

Digital Changes Media, Media Changes Us

With technology changing at a rapid pace and media content more plentiful than ever before, the question becomes, how do filmmakers find an audience for their media and make the best use of online distribution avenues to sell their films? We discussed new and inventive ways to get your film seen by … [Read more...]

New Technology Presentation at Rio International Film Festival

On Thursday, September 28th I moderated a Rioseminars Panel at Festival do Rio 2006 (Rio International Film Festival) titled "New Technologies / Digital Market" with Irina Neves (COO, Cine Mobile), Fabio Lima (COO, Rain Network), and Martha Cavalheiro (Marketing Vice President, Latin America, 20th … [Read more...]