David Leitner is blogging from Sundance again

David Leitner is blogging from Sundance again (this marks his fourth year) once a day, Sunday to Saturday. Leitner is known for his informed, sometimes irreverent perspective on the art, technology, and business of independent film, so check out his posts, which he describes as "more essay that … [Read more...]

Smile Boston Project screens in Boston, Friday, October 3, 2008

Smile Boston Project

Readers in the Boston area are cordially invited to attend a free screening of my short documentary, Smile Boston Project, part of a special Boston screening of selected films from the From Here to Awesome film festival. Artist Bren Bataclan, the subject of my documentary, will be in attendance. … [Read more...]

The future of independent film: audience aggregation

In a recent article, "When the Audience Takes Control," Lance Weiler suggests independent filmmakers should work on creating their own fan base. He writes, "the future of independent film is not in content aggregation, which is quickly becoming commoditized, but in audience aggregation. Filmmakers … [Read more...]

It’s the end of indie distribution as we know it (and I feel fine)

Bob Alexander, president of IndiePix, wrote recently in a guest column in Digital Cinema Report, "An Extraordinary Moment?" that in the wake of decline in independent divisions among the major studios (e.g. New Line Cinema was closed by Warner Bros), "the traditional models of distribution, which … [Read more...]

Reframe Offers a New Model for Online Film Distribution

We're finally right in the midsts of the digital media distribution inflection point. Several key trends that have pushed us along include: 1. the ubiquity of digital media and computation, 2. widespread adoption of high-speed internet connections in middle-class households, 3. dramatic improvements … [Read more...]