Maria Agui Carter talks about “Rebel,” a documentary about Loreta Velazquez

22F_ring_around_rosieFILMGRAB copy

Rebel: Loreta Velazquez, secret soldier of the American Civil War is a new documentary by María Agui Carter that tells the story of a woman who has been shrouded in mystery and the subject of debate for many years. Her story is one of the most gripping narratives of the Civil War. While the U.S. … [Read more...]

Herskovits at the heart of blackness

This new documentary examines the role of anthropologist Melville J. Herskovits (1895-1963) in American history and asks important questions about the politics of scholarship and knowledge as a social construct. Herskovits, a controversial intellectual who became openly political, introduced African … [Read more...]

Maria’s Story and its role in the technological history of documentary filmmaking

Maria Serrano

Maria's Story (1990, Monona Wali & Pamela Cohen, 53 min.) is a documentary portrait of Maria Serrano, a 39-year-old woman who is a peasant, mother, and guerrilla leader who at the time the film was made, had spent over a decade of her life fighting in the hills of El Salvador. Some might condemn the … [Read more...]

Inventing the Movies

Inventing the Movies, book cover

Some of the things I love about summer are weekend trips to the Berkshires, taking time off for a vacation, and all that means more time available to read books. On my summer reading stack this year was an advance copy of Inventing the Movies, a new book by Scott Kirsner that takes you on … [Read more...]

One from the vaults


In a recent search for other images I came across this. Tom Heitman, director of preservation and restoration at Cineric, Inc., showed me this can on a visit to the facility on May 20, 2002. This film has sections of cellulose triacetate film spliced with sections of nitrate film, both unstable … [Read more...]