Reflections on Paul Sharits frozen film frames


On the bus back to Boston this past Monday I kept thinking about the Images of an Infinite Film exhibit I saw at MoMA last weekend. I loved how Paul Sharits’s Untitled, from his Frozen Film Frame series (c. 1971–76) brings into sharp relief the physicality of film.

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present


I was in New York on March 27th to participate in The Conversation at Columbia University. In a recent blog post about the event, Rania wrote, “the paradox—though the topic was digital, the excitement came from face-to-face, real-world, real-time, high-touch experience of bodies in a room.” That turned out to be theme of my weekend […]

Pixels at an Exhibition

Curator Rachel Greene recently asked several artists (Sue de Beer, Matthew Higgs, Matthew Ronay and Wayne Koestenbaum) to present their favorite YouTube videos in Manhattan on May 13th at the Kitchen gallery and Virginia Heffernan wrote about it in the New York Times. I wish I could have seen the show. I’m fascinated by the […]