Scott Kirsner: Inventing the Movies

In this video I interview journalist and author Scott Kirsner about his new book, Inventing the Movies: The Epic Battle between Innovation and the Status Quo in Hollywood. The interview covers an example from the book and takeaways for innovators in any field. Scott blogs about the movie industry … [Read more...]

Distribution in the Digital Age

Digital Changes Media, Media Changes Us

With technology changing at a rapid pace and media content more plentiful than ever before, the question becomes, how do filmmakers find an audience for their media and make the best use of online distribution avenues to sell their films? We discussed new and inventive ways to get your film seen by … [Read more...]

Inventing the Movies

Inventing the Movies, book cover

Some of the things I love about summer are weekend trips to the Berkshires, taking time off for a vacation, and all that means more time available to read books. On my summer reading stack this year was an advance copy of Inventing the Movies, a new book by Scott Kirsner that takes you on … [Read more...]

It’s the end of indie distribution as we know it (and I feel fine)

Bob Alexander, president of IndiePix, wrote recently in a guest column in Digital Cinema Report, "An Extraordinary Moment?" that in the wake of decline in independent divisions among the major studios (e.g. New Line Cinema was closed by Warner Bros), "the traditional models of distribution, which … [Read more...]