Documentary Video Boot Camp

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The Documentary Video Boot Camp is a one-week, immersive, hands-on course I designed and taught nine times during winter inter-session and summer sessions at MassArt between 2009 and 2013. I’ve also taught a two-day version of it for O’Reilly media focused on the use of mobile phones and during the Summer of 2014 I ran a one-week special edition for high school students at Somerville Community Access Television in conjunction with the Boston International Kids Film Festival. I would be happy to develop a  version of this course for your organization, contact me for more information.

Documentary Video Boot Camp, January 2009, Photo by Anne Marie Stein

Course description. Documentary Video Boot Camp covers the fundamentals of  documentary storytelling in an intimate and focused setting designed to help participants develop a basic understanding of shooting techniques, picture composition, sound recording, lighting, interviewing, and editing. The course also includes a brief survey of history and ethical issues. The core of the class is a series of hands-on exercises exploring traditional, personal, and cinema verite approaches. Through  exercises, screening, discussion, and critique, participants are exposed to a range of aesthetic, storytelling, and technical issues related to the production of documentary videos and building the confidence to apply them to subsequent work. The course accommodates students with no prior experience with video production as well as challenging students who already have some prior experience to hone their storytelling craft and technical skills.

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Photo by Anne Marie Stein.