Reference pages and resource guides


An index to handouts available for download from this site.

Resource Guide for Documentary Filmmakers

A listing of resources for documentary filmmakers, slanted towards the U.S. and New England, however, it covers a lot of ground of interest to all documentary filmmakers.


A collection of storytelling resources.

Documentary Video Boot Camp

A resource page for people starting out as documentary makers. Originally developed as a resource page for the Documentary Video Boot Camp course I designed and taught nine times a MassArt.

Cinematic Storytelling Bibliography

A listing of the best books on the topic of cinematic writing and storytelling

Digital Filmmaking Bibliography

A listing of books broken down by categories that provide a good introduction to digital filmmaking.

Narrative, Cinema, and New Media Bibliography

Recommended reading on the topics of narrative, cinema, and new media.

Cinema Study Resources

Cinema study resources of academic, historical, and/or theoretical interest available on the web.


Old Pages

The following pages are out-of-date, however, they remain available for historical purposes.