Reference pages and resource guides


An index to handouts available for download from this site.

Resource Guide for Documentary Filmmakers

A listing of resources for documentary filmmakers, slanted towards the U.S. and New England, however, it covers a lot of ground of interest to all documentary filmmakers.


A collection of storytelling resources.

Media Production Resources

The best online resources for learning how to make media (audio podcasts, video podcasts, micro-documentaries, and more).

Documentary Video Boot Camp

A resource page for people starting out as documentary makers. Originally developed as a resource page for the Documentary Video Boot Camp course I designed and taught nine times a MassArt.

Cinematic Storytelling Bibliography

A listing of the best books on the topic of cinematic writing and storytelling

Digital Filmmaking Bibliography

A listing of books broken down by categories that provide a good introduction to digital filmmaking.

Narrative, Cinema, and New Media Bibliography

Recommended reading on the topics of narrative, cinema, and new media.

Cinema/Art/Media/Critical Studies Resources

Resources with an academic / political / critical theory perspective covering cinema, art, media, and more.


Old Pages

The following pages are out-of-date, however, they remain available for historical purposes.