Boston Media Makers, Meeting Notes, September 7, 2008

Pierre-Loic Assayag, who I know from the old Viant days (at one point we both worked for this digital business consulting firms that rose and fell during the era of irrational exuberance) is now working on Traackr, a fascinating start-up which tracks and compiles social media data and produces a set of performance indexes around […]

Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video

YouTube Players

The Center for Social Media of the School of Communication at American University recently published The American Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video, an important guide for producers of online video who make use of copyrighted materials without specific permission. Online video has become a vibrant part of our everyday communication […]

Improve your video using cinematic language techniques (Podcamp Boston 3 presentation)

For over a hundred years filmmakers have been evolving a language for communicating efficiently using visual and audio elements over time. This session consisted of examples and discussion covering the fundamental elements of cinematic language which can help dramatically improve the effectiveness of any video production, regardless of budget. Appropriate for media makers at a […]

Art of the Interview (Podcamp Boston 3 presentation)


The interview is a fundamental element of most documentary films and many video blogs. Through examples and discussion this session, which I presented at Podcamp Boston 3, covered practical strategies and techniques including how and why to use interviews, how to choose the right interview style (e.g. walk-and-talk vs. formal sit-down), how to choose a […]

Pixels at an Exhibition

Curator Rachel Greene recently asked several artists (Sue de Beer, Matthew Higgs, Matthew Ronay and Wayne Koestenbaum) to present their favorite YouTube videos in Manhattan on May 13th at the Kitchen gallery and Virginia Heffernan wrote about it in the New York Times. I wish I could have seen the show. I’m fascinated by the […]

Boston Media Makers, April 6, 2008

Some people who I tell about the monthly Boston Media Maker un-meetings can’t imagine getting up early on a Sunday morning and trekking across town. For me, Sunday mornings are usually reserved for slowly sipping coffee while reading the Sunday New York Times, so I can relate, however, take a look at the depth and […]