Ten glimpses into the crystal ball: the future of documentary


I've been contemplating the evolution of the documentary this summer and I was delighted to see that The MediaGuardian's recent Sheffield Doc/Fest 2011 coverage includes ten articles providing a refreshing perspective on how documentary makers are finding new ways to reach their audience. These … [Read more...]

Philip Hodgetts of Open Television Network at New Media Expo

I spoke with Philip Hodgetts at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas and asked him about his new venture, the Open Television Network which I blogged about several weeks ago.  Play Video Music by Colin Owens. … [Read more...]

Inventing the Movies

Inventing the Movies, book cover

Some of the things I love about summer are weekend trips to the Berkshires, taking time off for a vacation, and all that means more time available to read books. On my summer reading stack this year was an advance copy of Inventing the Movies, a new book by Scott Kirsner that takes you on … [Read more...]

The flip side of the quarterlife flop

Articles have reported that quarterlife, the online episodic that NBC licensed for television broadcast, was deemed unsuccessful when it attracted something like three million viewers on Tuesday night. In terms of broadcast television economics, that's considered a failure, but there are a number of … [Read more...]

Open Television Network lauched to serve the fat middle of the long tail

Open Television Network

The Open Television Network (OTN) was launched last month with the goal of providing a distribution network for the "fat middle" of the Long Tail, helping to build a "middle class" of media publishers. It's a framework that allows small media producers to sell video through iTunes using RSS feeds. … [Read more...]