New Media Expo 2008 Discussion

To wrap up New Media Expo 2008, I sat down with Steve Woolf (Epic Fu), Zadi Diaz (Epic Fu), Steve Garfield (, and Walt Ribeiro (Ustream.TV), here’s the unedited conversation. Recorded on Saturday, August 16, 2008. We discussed topics such as what was best about the show, issues as the big-players enter the space, and […]

Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video

YouTube Players

The Center for Social Media of the School of Communication at American University recently published The American Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video, an important guide for producers of online video who make use of copyrighted materials without specific permission. Online video has become a vibrant part of our everyday communication […]

Art of the Interview (Podcamp Boston 3 presentation)


The interview is a fundamental element of most documentary films and many video blogs. Through examples and discussion this session, which I presented at Podcamp Boston 3, covered practical strategies and techniques including how and why to use interviews, how to choose the right interview style (e.g. walk-and-talk vs. formal sit-down), how to choose a […]