UnknownSpring: web documentary review and interview with photojournalist Jake Price


The tsunami of 2011 devastated the Tohoku region of Japan. Jake Price lived with the residents of Yuriage and out of his experience evolved UnseenSpring, a web documentary presenting an audiovisual collage documenting the endurance of the people in Yuriage as they rebuild their way of life, while making a renewed connection to their history and culture.

Whitney Dow: When the Drum is Beating


David Tames talks with Whitney Dow about his film, When the Drum is Beating, a documentary that weaves together the history of Haiti with the story of Orchestre Septentrional, Haiti’s most popular band. The film is currently seeking funding via a Kickstarter campaign in order to secure the funds needed for a theatrical and home video release.

Chris Paine: Revenge of the Electric Car


Chris Paine, best known as the director of Who Killed the Electric Car?, followed the rise and fall of General Motors EV-1, of which he was a passionate owner. He recently completed a new film, Revenge of the Electric Car, now going into theatrical release. It opens on Friday, November 4th at the Kendall Square […]

Interview with David Redmon and Ashley Sabin about Intimidad

Cecy and Camilo Ramirez

Back on April 25, 2008 I had the opportunity to talk with filmmakers David Redmon and Ashley Sabin after the screening of their film Intimidad, at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. Their new film presents a beautiful and intimate portrait of a struggling family in Mexico. It observes the lives of Cecy and Camilo […]