Seven Macro Trends (RioSeminars 2011 Presentation)


I promised during my keynote presentation on Monday, October 10, 2011 at RioSeminars 2011 that I would post my slides and some notes before Sunday at midnight, so here it is: 7 Macro Trends, RioSeminars 2011 (5 MB, PDF), and below are some notes that go with the slides. One reason I find it … [Read more...]

Ten glimpses into the crystal ball: the future of documentary


I've been contemplating the evolution of the documentary this summer and I was delighted to see that The MediaGuardian's recent Sheffield Doc/Fest 2011 coverage includes ten articles providing a refreshing perspective on how documentary makers are finding new ways to reach their audience. These … [Read more...]

Making Media Now 2011: Redefining collaboration in a fractured media world


Making Media Now 2011 is taking place at Bentley College on Friday, May 6, 2011. If you are an independent filmmaker working in the New England area and have not yet registered for this conference, you should seriously consider it. Even at the higher "late late" registration rate (effective until … [Read more...]

Distribution U. crash course on Crowd Funding, Audience Building & Distribution


Distribution U. looks like a wonderful event for independent filmmakers who are trying to figure out the best way to take advantage of the changing distribution landscape. This will be a one-day crash course on the New Rules of Crowd Funding, Audience Building & Distribution and is being held … [Read more...]

Fragments from The Conversation 2010 (March 27, New York)

The Conversation 2010, New York, cononyc

On Saturday I attended the "The Conversation" at Columbia University, a conference focused on "Social Media, Distribution, and the Future of Film." Related material can be found by searching on the #convonyc hash tag. Here are my notes, not everything here is a faithful translation of the words and … [Read more...]