Distribution U. crash course on Crowd Funding, Audience Building & Distribution

Distribution U. looks like a wonderful event for independent filmmakers who are trying to figure out the best way to take advantage of the changing distribution landscape. This will be a one-day crash course on the New Rules of Crowd Funding, Audience Building & Distribution and is being held Saturday, November 13th in New York at NYU and the following Saturday, November 20th in Los Angeles, where it is co-sponsored by UCLA’s School of Film, Theater, and Television. distribuScott Kirsner and Peter Broderick are collaborating on this event (talk about a good imprimatur) and they have assembled an impressive roster people, for example, Richard Abramowitz (who organized the successful theatrical rollout of “Anvil: the Story of Anvil”) and Marc Schiller (the digital marketing expert who heads Electric Artists) will present a case study revealing how they guided the release and marketing of “Exit through the Gift Shop” so effectively, without a director to promote it. In addition, Joel Heller (“Winnebago Man”), Caitlin Boyle (Film Sprout), Ira Deutchman (producer and Emerging Pictures CEO), and many more luminaries will be there, check it out!

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  1. says

    All, you may be interested in the new book just published, “The Crowdfunding Revolution | Social Networking Meets Venture Financing” which supports a lot of the themes of this crash course. In our research, we spoke with many of the crowdfunding platforms which filmmakers are likely to use and have received their support:

  2. Daljit Khankhana says

    Living is so expensive, sometimes few artist,talented person can’t afford a piece of bread or a cup of coffee. Nothing strange when they apply for funding, the professional using their hold or using the position gutts to let others down. I developed my first Short film, and submitted two for funding to UK Film Council, and wrote to West Midland screen, I need little funding to distribute my first copy and never that respect tat I needs as a New Film maker, nobody bothered my talent failed to chase them, they also post me their news letter to read about their success.
    We need somewhere support that can guide a right path to the newcomers.
    I ‘m delighted to hear that you have done something for me. Well Done