Beyerdynamic velour pads: new life for Sony MDR-7506 or V6 headphones

Sony MDR-7506For many years I’ve been using two pairs of Sony MDR-7506 headphones (one lives in my camera kit and the second lives in my sound kit) and the original plastic ear pads had started to fall apart. These are outstanding headphones for monitoring audio, however, the pads are their achilles heel.

You can order replacement pads from Sony, but I did not like the idea of replacing the pads with the same pads that I knew would again fall apart and in addition, I was never crazy about their plastic feel. Over the years I’ve noticed that other folks have replaced the original Sony pads with velour pads made by Beyerdynamic (model number 942704) which fit the Sony MDR-7506 and V6 (it’s predecessor) headphones perfectly. So I decided to give them a try.

I ordered them from B&H for $19.95 a pair and they turned out to be good purchase. They have breathed new life into the headphones and they are much more comfortable to wear. I found it was a little tricky getting these pads onto the headphones, but with a little stretching of the pad and the use of a credit card to helped guide the plastic ring around the groove in each of the headphone’s metal shells, I completed the installation. Beyerdynamic velour ear cushion The pads come with plastic adapters for other headphones, those can go straight into the recycling since you will not need then for attaching the pads onto the Sony MDR-7506 and V6 and headphones. It’s been about six months or so since I purchased the pads and I’m very happy with them, the headphones are very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. These velour pads transform these excellent headphones into most excellent headphones. Good headphones are an important investment. In this disposable world we live in, it’s nice to be able to refresh an old standard.

In an earlier post, I sung the praises of the Sony MDR-7506 headphones.


  1. lazuline says

    I’ve had my mdr 7506 since june 2004, and today I just changed to the velour pads. I don’t know why it never had occured to me to change the old pads. I can’t believe I suffered for so long with those crumbly plastic pads. These velour pads are awesome: comfortable, lush padding, and they block out sound a bit better than the originals. I have to admit though, they overemphasize the bass a bit, but nothing that can’t be tweaked with an equalizer. thanks for the tip.

  2. says


    You simply pull off the old ones (they stretch a little) they are designed to be easily removed, and then you slide on the new ones. The pads have a “flap” all around. I used a credit card to help guide the flap on the pads into the slot in the headphones that hold the pads in place. It’s pretty obvious when you see it.

  3. Becca says

    Hey there,

    I am extremely unhappy with the original Sony pads on my 7506. I can’t stand how the pads come off so easily. I feel like I am constantly having to put them back on the headphones. Is anyone having this problem? If so, do the Beyers fit better so that they do not come off with daily use?



  4. says

    Becca, the Beyerdynamic pads fit perfectly, I got them for both of my MDR-7506 headphones, and they’ve been in use since I first wrote this post. Not only do the fit perfectly, but they feel wonderful on my ears, no more icky plastic feel. I would stick with the genuine Beyerdynamic pads, I see that there are some house-brand pads available, I don’t know anything about those.

  5. helmutyoyo says

    Thank you David for this precious information,

    I was wondering if you had any picture of your resurrected mdr7506 ?

  6. Kevin says

    I noticed that these don’t have a layer of foam to cover the speaker like the original pads have. Is this how they’re supposed to work?

  7. Ray says

    hi everyone,

    I just got myself a new pair of MDR-7506 headphones. The sound quality is great but I’m unhappy with comfort of the pads. I think my ears are a little bigger than average ear size. The pads don’t sit on my ears but I can defiantly feel my ears touching the inner sides of the pads. They don’t pinch but just after a few minutes it gets too warm and uncomfortable. Then I find myself adjusting the headphones on my ears ever couple of minutes.

    can anyone tell me if these Beyerdynamic pads are any deeper or wider than the original sony pads? How do they compare in terms of dimensions and comfort?

    thank you

  8. says

    Ray, The Beyerdynamic are a tiny bit deeper, but not by a lot. Also, the modification link above might provide some additional insights.

  9. says

    After more than 2 years of constant but careful use I finally noticed some tearing and am REALLY pleased to find this review! Thanks!

  10. Scott says

    I just did the replacement with pads ordered from B&H… took at most 10 minutes, and that’s because I was being very careful.

    Really not a problem – the new pads look and feel great, and I really believe the phones sound better with these pads.

    You won’t regret it!!

  11. smartalek says

    I can see why this page came up high in the Google rankings under a search for “Sony mdr-7506 replacement pads.” As other commenters have said, it would never have occurred to me to consider other headfone brands of pad. I’d assumed the options were Sony originals, or aftermarket “equivalents” of unknown, and probably dubious, quality and fit. I thank all of you — and especially the OP — for this very helpful suggestion.