Jottit is to web tools what haiku is to poetry

I recently discovered Jottit, a minimalist web site creation tool that makes adding content as simple as writing an email. My immediate reaction was that Jottit is to web tools what haiku is to poetry, try it out, it’s the zen alternative to wiki tools, and the instant feedback is sublime (when you use the editor, you can simply enter text, but if you choose to type HTML, what you write on the left is displayed on the right as the browser will render it in real time, a sublime use of Ajax, I presume).

I asked Aaron Swartz about the genesis of Jottit and he explained to me that he had a site called Google Weblog with a submit form for people to submit ideas for posts. And he found that, “people coming to the site through Google kept submitting their stories of their day,” and so on and so forth. Aaron explained that they thought, “it was just the way to post stuff to the internet.” So he thought, “why not just make posting to the internet that simple?” And thus Jottit was born. Code is poetry and Jottit is the latest haiku.