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  1. david says

    Sorry about the video being unavailable and/or not playing right for a while there. It seems that the in-line script inserted by is munged by WordPress when you’re using the auto cross-post feature. Doing a manual insertion fixed the problem. I think will look into the root cause.

  2. Elissa Mintz says

    Lovely. What Christopher Lydon says here echoes the message I heard over and over at PodCamp: Be yourself. It was the answer to all questions. Want to launch a new podcast, but don’t quite know how to go about it? Be yourself. Have a podcast, but want to expand its audience? Be yourself. Don’t know which microphone to buy? It doesn’t matter; whatever you get will be fine. Just be yourself.

    I’m not making fun of this answer. I love this answer, and I’m going to go find me a copy of Self-Reliance…